Maso Zepp is an Alpine micro-farm of just over 1 hectare with organic certification. It is inspired by the principles of agroecology and permaculture. It is conducted with an entrepreneurial approach to agriculture that allows the management of a holistic multifunctional farm, managing to achieve high productivity in limited spaces and ensuring the welfare of the animals.

Maso Zepp is based on the ethical principles of permaculture:

Earth care:
preserving the soil, biodiversity and natural cycles.

People care:
offer a healthy product,
create collaborative networks and exchange.

Sharing excess resources and limiting consumption:
redistributing surpluses, setting limits on consumption
and organizing resources.

Our Mission

Disseminating a truly sustainable mountain agricultural model for food production

A model reproducible in small and large scale, which improve the territory instead of impoverishing it. Based on nature and community, without falling into utopia but guaranteeing quantity, quality and income.

To achieve our vision, we cultivate the land, raise animals, train individuals and farmers, promote sustainable food systems and work with other farms and institutions.

Social agriculture

Since 2017 we have been collaborating with the CS4 Social Cooperative, through individual projects in training activities carried out on the farm.


Collaboriamo con: