Curriculum Vitae: Italiano - English

Marcello Bianchi

Marcello is an agricultural entrepreneur and consultant, graduated in permaculture and specialized in natural agronomic techniques, in particular in the intensive production of organic vegetables.
He is a "zero generation" farmer: he has decided to undertake his own agricultural life. Marcello was born as an advertising graphic designer with several years in the field.

His agricultural training began in 2011 moving to Australia, where he worked in organic and conventional farms. The following year, he graduated as a permaculturist from the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and worked with Geoff Lawton, Paul Taylor and Graham Brookman. Returning to Italy, he settled in Trentino, where he worked as an agricultural employee.

In 2015 he founded Maso Zepp - Fattoria sinergica. Since then he has been involved in the recovery of abandoned land, the construction of strategic infrastructure, vegetable growing and livestock breeding.

As a consultant, Marcello focuses on intelligent farm design and to the key role of soil biology.
He decided to combine agricultural skills with marketing experience in order to promote sustainable and profitable agronomic and business management practices. He cooperates internationally with other farmers, consultants, government agencies and universities.

Beyond his passion for his work, Marcello is a loyal friend, a lover of mountains, good music, good food and coffee.