Our products can be purchased by subscription or by weekly order.

We manage the entire supply chain: from soil preparation to delivery.

All products are organically grown/bred.

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Our hens are free to graze all year round in 1800sqm of meadows and orchards. They are fed on certified organic feed as well as self-produced, both free of GMOs, hormones and yolk dyes.
Instead of antibiotics, animals are given apple vinegar.

Veggy Boxes

Is a basket of mixed vegetables and herbs (excluding eggs), prepared directly here on the farm the day of delivery.

Our baskets are available from June to October for a total of about 21 weeks / year (5 months).
We offer two sizes: the Small one and the Large one; to meet the needs of 1 to 6 people. They are generous and well balanced between root vegetables, leafy vegetables and fruit vegetables.

Basket contents will be published on Thursday mornings every week, in the on line shop and on the weekly newsletter.

When you place your order, you can indicate undesired products, which will be replaced with other goods of equal value, depending on the availability of the moment.

N.B. The basket weight can vary by a maximum of 1 kg depending from the seasonality and the price of the products it is composed of.


The Veggy Boxes are a returnable void

At delivery we will collect the previous delivery boxes.
They can be used several times and, by the end of the cycle, 100% recyclable!



If you do not wish to buy the Veggy Boxes, we also sell vegetables and herbs per kg or per piece. They can be ordered as a single weekly order. When you place your order, please indicate the variety and quantity you want.